Product Optimization

Product Optimization is an important offering that Drake Medical Plastics makes available to the medical device and life sciences industries. This can vary from processing options ranging from stock shape extrusion to precision fabrication to injection molding. We offer small run expertise and specialize in custom, non-standard metric sizes. Drake Medical Plastics specializes in finding unique solutions utilizing lean manufacturing principles and targets at highly efficient yields.

Peek Plastic Stock Shape Extrusions & Precision Fabrication

DMP’s extensive polymer and processing knowledge, combined with an experienced understanding of the requirements of medical customers, enables us to offer the best processing options for meeting our customer’s requirements. DMP will troubleshoot existing injection molding tools to resolve issues and optimize mold tools for maximum output and results.

Drake Medical Plastics enables device manufacturers and medical OEMs to transform their designs into components and/or finished products. Starting with stock shapes, our customers can quickly have prototypes created to meet their development requirements. Drawing on our experience, the next step may be extrusion or precision fabrication, or even followed by injection molding of components. Our broad capabilities allow DMP to offer the best melt processing route for meeting the needs of our customers, and not attempting to fit customers into a one-size-fits-all solution.  We offer a single-source, simplified supply chain for the processing continuum.

These capabilities are enhanced with outstanding technical experiencematerial selection guidance, robust quality assurance systems, exceptional customer service and a unique flexibility to deliver tangible and strategic results. Our customers define their needs and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations.

Drake Medical Plastics offers complete traceability from resin to parts, including individual serialization where required.