Conversion Services for Medical Grade Polymers to shapes and components

Drake Medical Plastics excels at converting specialty medical grade polymers and compounds into usable shapes and complex components. We help device manufacturers realize both prototypes and commercially relevant components with customer specified or supplied formulations.

Our material science expertise and processing innovation makes us an ideal solution for melt processing from early stage stock shapes (rods, plates and other forms), to prototype components, through to commercial volume requirements based upon the best melt conversion process, be it extrusion, injection molding, or precision fabrication. Through this process our customers are ensured the most integrated manufacturing and supply chain possible.

Melt processing high-performance plastics with high filler levels can be challenging. Custom and proprietary grades (often with unique, highly filled additives) are one of the primary areas of processing expertise offered by Drake Medical Plastics. We specialize in selective fiber orientation. DMP treats existing commercial formulations and developmental compounds with the same high level of service and technical support.

Additionally, if your design is still evolving, it is the ideal time to engage with Drake Medical Plastics so that we can assist with identifying the best processing method, both initially as the design is solidifying, as well as down the road when in full commercial production.