Precision Fabrication

Precision fabrication, or machining, uses stock shapes to fabricate a finished component that is very similar to the way most metal parts are produced. Typically, a circular “bar” or “rod” of high-performance polymer, like PEEK, can be machined into components often within a few days for hundreds of dollars (depending on the complexity of the component), offering unmatched speed and flexibility. In urgent situations, components can be produced even faster, but such urgency could lead to some higher costs.  Precision fabrication is the preferred option for the most highly complex components, especially when production campaign volumes are low (broadly under 5,000 parts) and when larger components with thick cross-sections are required. Many high-performance polymers lend themselves well to being fabricated from stock shapes including PEEK, Radel, AvaSpire and Torlon.

Precision Medical Plastics Fabrication

Drake Medical Plastics offers precision fabrication capabilities to provide medical device manufacturers and medical equipment OEM’s a cost-effective way to address their requirements for low volume, fast turnaround prototypes, as well as for higher volume, commercialized products. We use PDC tooling in order to provide the very best surface finish and tightest tolerances, along with complete lot and batch traceability for every component. Drake Medical Plastics focuses keenly on component layout to ensure maximum material utilization and yield. We also will selectively orient components when machining from filled stock shapes when fiber orientation requires consideration (e.g. parallel or perpendicular fiber direction).

Speed to market is essential and we deliver this through our constant focus on process excellence and customer-centric decision making. If your design is still evolving or your quantities are too low to justify the tooling expense required for injection molding, Drake Medical Plastics can provide precision fabrication of your complex component.

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